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An Android Tablet is a tablet computer running the open source Android operating system. Android is an operating system for mobile devices that is based on Linux and is used for smart phones and tablet computers. The Android smart phone market has experienced tremendous growth in the last couple of years and now that Android is being used for tablet pc's the same thing is expected for the Android tablet. Why? Choice! With Android being an open source system you have many manufacturers and many Apps so you have a much greater choice of both the Android tablet device itself and the Apps that run on the tablet. In addition many of the Apps that run on Android Tablets are free in the Android Market!

Why get an Android Tablet?

Why would one get an Android tablet computer instead of an iPad (iOS powered Apple tablet computer)? For one thing you have a choice of many more different models of Android powered tablet computers than you do with an iPad. Since Android tablets are made by many different manufacturers you aren't locked into one manufacturer, and one manufacturer's design and ideas for their tablet computer. Also because Android is an open source operating system you have a higher choice of Apps for your Android tablet. The Android Tablet market is exploding, both with new tablet models and new Android Apps to run on them.